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Meg Baron megbaron at ecentral.com
Thu Feb 3 19:42:46 PST 2005

Greetings unto the membership of the SCA:

A message from the Board of Directors:

The practice of period numismatics in the SCA has become more widespread
in recent years. Its pervasiveness at events has raised some questions
that compelled the Board to determine if it was necessary for the SCA to
adopt a policy on the use of coinage and currency. In response to our
question, the Legal Committee presented the following Policy on Coinage
and Currency, which the Board adopted as SCA Corporate Policies XI on
January 22, 2005: 

"While the SCA, Inc. supports and encourages the study of period
numismatics, it is not the policy of the SCA, Inc. to endorse or require
the acceptance of privately minted coinage or other tokens at
SCA-sanctioned events. The SCA, Inc. or its branches shall not require
the acceptance of privately minted coinage or other tokens as payment
for any goods or services at any SCA-sanctioned events. Any such
transactions may be conducted at the discretion of the individuals
involved, as with any other barter transaction. In such cases,
compliance with applicable tax laws is the responsibility of the

This policy does not mean that coins may not be minted as event site
tokens or souvenirs. They add much to the atmosphere of events. However,
this policy does mean that no individual or group may require that
privately minted coinage (that is, anything not minted by the U.S.
Treasury Department) be used or accepted as a form of payment for
merchandise, services or fees of any kind at any SCA event. 

In service,

Meg Baron
President, SCA Inc.


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