[Ansteorra-announce] Estrella War - Hospitality Corps

Anita Challis anitachallis at cox.net
Tue Feb 8 22:26:30 PST 2005

Good Gentles ~

War is almost here!  Many volunteers are needed for a successful campaign. Those volunteers would love and be eternally grateful for, a hot drink or meal after... 4 hours standing watch in the cold, dead of night.; or hours in the Chirurgeon tent seeing to scrapes, scratches, burns and upset tummies (pray that's all), or manning Troll, or waving the 500th car into the only spot left, or many of the other duties it takes to make war enjoyable for all.

Show your support for those hard working folk!

Bring them soup!  Bring them coffee! Bring them cookies!

Be the most popular gentle at the war!

Volunteer for the Cooks Guild - Hospitality Corps!

Please contact Elizabeth the Herbalist (Shirley Kruger) at scubappr at dancris.com or call 480-740-9746 (before 9pm) to volunteer your time. Or the volunteer autocrat, Lady Morwenna teg Caernarvon and specify the Cooks Guild - Hospitality Corps.

Shifts will be 4 hours and slots are available day and night throughout the war. Please include your SCA name, mundane name, household/group where you're camping, phone number, e-mail, and day(s) and time(s) you are available.

Elizabeth the Herbalist, Oak & Thistle Herbs

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