[Ansteorra-announce] The cat is away...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Thu Mar 10 09:12:05 PST 2005

Good Morning,

  This is to let folks know that I will be away at Gulf War starting
  later today. This means that some mailing list and server functions
  may have wait until I return from Gulf War. Any message that is held
  for approval, such as Ansteorra Announce, will not be approved until I
  return so please do not use it for anything time senesitive.

  My deputy will be around some and answering email sent to
  serveradmin at ansteorra.org.

  Everyone have a safe journey to Gulf War if you are going, and if you
  are not I hope that you have a productive time while the rest of us
  are off playing.


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