[Ansteorra-announce] To those staying home from WAR, Thank YOU for Your Help...

Lord Pooky lord_pooky at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 13 08:49:40 PST 2005

Greetings and Lovingly met,
I am your Beloved Lord_Pooky.
I wanted to take a moment before I go to WAR with Uria to thank each and 
every one of you who are not going to WAR, for your support of the war 
effort....  Without each and every one of you remaining here, Protecting Our 
Lands, maintaining the hearths for which We oh so desperately DREAM of one 
day returning.
By maintaining the Warmth of Our Bastions, You allow Us to bring HOME to 
You, The Honor the Known World will very shortly be expressing is the 
Foundation of ANSTEORRA.
The Glory! will be first Yours. All of the armies we hold back from the 
Boarders of ANSTEORRA, every soldier of their armies that dies by Our hand 
or Our design will fall from the Communal Efforts of the Entirety of Our 
Glorious Kingdom of ANSTEORRA.
All these things are only occurring because of the Chivalrous Efforts You 
are exhibiting to Your personal Loved Ones, Fellow Ansteorran's, and to 
Yourselves.  By doing the work, being fiscally responsible with the grain 
and livestock, and by yes... keeping the children safe and secure (The ONLY 
function of any loving society);
I say again, "It is YOU who are Making THE~DREAM come to LIFE, and you have 
my humble thanks.".
I Praise those who are staying home from WAR for making all of it possible,

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