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Wed Mar 30 16:36:31 PST 2005

Unto all who have heard about the Good Genltles of Loch Ruadh who had been helped at GW by the Chirurgeonate. I would like to at this time thank all of those who have prasied the chirurgeonate for their rapid and life saving response. I as GW XIV War Chirurgeon am extremely proud to have worked with all the chirurgeonate at GW. They all made my job easy. 
We had many other minor not so life  threatening  incidents also that came along at all hours to include the 4 in the morning in the cold rain calls, the possible concussion on the rapier field, the propane poisoning after the heater stopped in the middle of the night, and others that were answered by many different chirurgeons without all the praise that has occured for one particular call. 
All the Chirurgeons who signed up and gave of themselves for even one shift when nothing may have happened diserve a great big VIVAT!! for a job well done.
 It takes allot to give of yourself and give up even allitle of your time to make the world alittle bit safer so others can play and have fun and live the Dream. That kinda selflessness is what makes me stay around the SCA and gives me hope for the future of the Dream.
Now on to the one incident out of the many where the system worked. And it workewd because of the people who ran it and did the job asked of them to such ahigh standard with awesome team work that when the call came in and it really was life or death over a matter of just minutes the it stayed life and did not become death. I would like to list those Chirurgeons on the call so they may know they made difference and touched many lives in the Shire of Loch Ruadh, the Barony of Elfsea, the Kingdom of Ansteorra, and the Knowne world y just being there for one fellow human being at the right time in the right place.
As Follows
name                    guild status    kingdom   branch   
Thomas QuilliamJourneymanAnsteorraNamron
 who was one the who arrived on the scene with and was on the ball with the Oxygen for the patient. And had just made journeyman less than 24 hours earlier.
Gay du petit ZgypteJourneymanMeridiesBean Fort
who was on the ball with the equipment needed to get vital signs and help clear space and move the patient. Whose Kingdom Chirurgeon had warranted him as a journeyman earlier in the week and she still had not caught up with him to tell the good news, so he thought he was still an apprentice.
Anne the SpinsterJourneymanAnsteorraSteppeswho helped with scene/crowd control and helped get the ambulance crew  to the patient after the watch had got them to the camp. 
Annalies PferdehirtJourneymanAnsteorraStargate
who thank the lords was Chirurgeon on Duty and got the initial report, kept talking to the patient's lady, got all the needed information down on paper and kept track of everything needed for the paperwork that always needs to be done. 
Arkell vom CophusMasterAnsteorraBjornsborg
who did the initial assesment with much assistance from those above and assisted the on-site acls 1st responder for continuity of care and because 2 pairs of hands are always better than one in these types of circumstances.
Morgan of OspreyMasterMeridiesOsprey
who was on-site ACLS 1st response due to being a local paramedic whose medical director trusts him enough to cover him durning Gulf Wars under his medical direction. And it was Morgan who gave the needed nitro-glyerin and aspirin that along with the oxygen that did really save the patients life. And I think he was Autocrat of Gulf Wars also.
Caley of LancashireJourneymanAnsteorraSeawinds
who was the awesome chirurgeon at chirurgeon's point that was playing dispatcher and had the oxygen and AED ready and tossed them to Thomas as the golf cart slowed down and rolled by, called 911 and got EMS inroute to the patient in a timely manner, contacted Morgan and got him to the scene, and lastly coordinated with the watch to get  the ambulance in and out in such a rapid fashion that minutes were saved and they were minutes that the patient needed to get to the hospital and angio-cath lab in time to save his life.
This about somes it up. 
And if I forgot anyone, please for give me and my very few functioning braincells (3 to be exact that do not function all together at the same time).
I hope as KC, CiC, or War Chirurgeon I never have to have another life or death situation come up (twice in my chirurgeonate life in twice 2 many), but if I do, I have the knoweledge that the chirurgeonate is up to the challange and can rise to the job no matter how big or small and that the system, the training and the people can and will come together and make the odds favor life not death.
Herr Arkell vom Cophus, MC
KC, Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra
Gulf War XIV War Chirurgeon & 
Gulf War XV Deputy War Chirurgeon
May the Higher Power of your own understanding and life Bless you all my fellow SCAdians with long life and many days living the Dream .   
And may all the chirurgeonate be blessed with happiness in the form of boredom.
Please forward as you feel the need.

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