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Mon Nov 28 18:28:42 PST 2005


Earlier today we sent the list of nominees to the Board of Directors and asked for Commentary.  It has come to our attention that the list that was sent earlier was not complete; therefore, we are sending the list again.

Please send any comments you have, or any new nominations, to recruiting at sca.org.

Thank you again.

Gabrielle Underwood
Director, SCA Inc.
Ombudsman for Board Recruiting.

Nomination Expires January, 2008

Andrew Biel/Earl Yngvar the Dismal-Aethelmearc

Kelly Davidson/Dame Fianna nic Dhaibhidh-Meridies

Robbin Koeing/BannIarla Broinnfinn inghean ui Chathain-Gleann Abhann

Jon Larsen/Fiskr Hamondsen-Northshield

Eileen Hart Steinhardt/Lady Fionnghuala ingean Diarmaida-Aethelmearc

Je Nell Hays/  Baroness Brianna Je Nell Aislynn of Blue Shadows-Caid

Elizabeth Ann Appleby-Murphy/Mistress Catherine Anne Applebee-Calontr

Ben Baron/Master Louis-Phillippe Mitouard-Outlands

Aaron L. (Rusty) Lloyd/Sir Aaron Palomides of Buckminster-Northshield


Nomination Expires July, 2007

Arthur Donadio/Duke Cuan McDaige, KSCA, OP-Atlantia

Elizabeth Anne Gustafson/   Mistress Elspeth von Bremen, OP-Atenveldt

Pat Hoge/Mistress Alina Meraud Bryte-Calontir

Lisa A. May/Countess Margaret ny Connor-Ansteorra

Katie Richardson/Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan-Atenveldt

Hal Simon/Baron Edwin FitzLloyd-Ansteorra

Stacie J. Tibbetts/Countess Leonora Morgana, OP-Caid 


Nomination Expires January, 2007

G. Richard Auklandus/Viscount Gaius M.L. Auklandus-West

Susan Earley/Maestra Margherita Alessia-Middle

Frederick Hollander/Duke Frederick of Holland-  West

E.F. Morrill/Viscount Edward Zifran von Gendy-East


Nomination Expires July, 2006

Tobi Beck/Duchess Elina of Beckenham-Middle

Anthony Bellettini/Lord Duncan Stewart-East 

Elaine Koogler/Minowara Kiritsubo no Ason-Atlantia

John F. Lewis/Lord Eugene Louis Montclair-Middle

Tonessa West Crowe/Duquessa Isabella of York-East   


Nomination Expires January, 2006

Alan Andrist/Alanus of Bunghea-An Tir

David Carswell/THL Erick of Longacres-Ealdormere

Cliff Frick/Dux Darius Corvinus Equis-An Tir

David James/Kwelland-Njal Kollskeggsson-Atlantia

Burke McCrory/Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald-Ansteorra

Michael D. McGuffin/Master Michael of Brecon-An Tir

Scot Myers/Master Bran Trefonnen-Ansteorra

Beth Patchett/Viscountess Rylyn Buchanan, OP-Ealdormere

Kevin Schooler/Lord Sylverstone the Traveler-An Tir

Margaret Silvestri/Duchess Megan nic Alister of Thornwood-West

Vincent Stewart/Baron Yusuf Ju'bar al Timbuktuuwi-An Tir

Caroline Walsh/THL Roslyn McLaren-Meridies

Blair Wettlaufer/Brand Thorwaldsson-Ealdormere

Carolyn Zitny/Baroness Cara Michelle DuValier-Caid



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