[Ansteorra-announce] Better restriction of posts to Ansteorra Announce...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Sun Oct 2 21:11:49 PDT 2005

Good Morning,

  The Ansteorra Announce list has had rules for a long time which are as

  1) Ansteorra-Announce is a public list that people can subscribe to.
     This list is moderated to ensure content of messages are appropriate
     and of an "announcement" nature.
  2) Its membership is sync'ed once an hour from the public list, the
     Kingdom, Regional and Group lists in order to limit cross-posting and
     duplication of messages. People may not like this, but it's how it is.
  3) Kingdom calendar event fliers are almost always approved. 
  4) Kingdom or Society officer announcements are almost always approved.
  5) Discussions are not permitted on the Announcement list. That type
     of activity is for the Kingdom, Regional and Group lists.
  6) Other things must be important announcements and not limited requests.
     (For examples, looking for an individual should go to the Ansteorra
     list and not the Announce list, but looking for teachers for a
     Kingdom event *might* be appropriate.)

  Due to increased volume of the Ansteorra Announce list, we need to
  start enforcing these rules in order to minimize posts/noise to the
  entire Kingdom.

  We are going to start strictly enforcing these rules to the point that:

- Posts will be rejected as inappropriate instead of approved or
  redirected to the Ansteorra discussion list.

- Event fliers will only be allowed from a legal representative for the
  group and we will start rejecting minor changes to event format.
  - Major event changes such as change of location or cancellation will
    be allowed but realize that this is a moderated list and the post
    may be delayed beyond it's usefullness.
  - Formats of tournament styles will be rejected unless it is part of
    the original event flier.
  - Posts of event fliers more frequent then once a month will be rejected.
  - Major out of Kingdom event fliers will be approved but they will
    follow the above rules as well.

- The anti-virus/spam/urban legand post and this informative message
  will be posted staggered every 3 months.

  Hopefully this will help reduce the clutter in some people's mailboxes
  and bring the usefulness of this mailing list back to the high level
  it started at.

In Service,

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  Note: The views do not reflect the SCA nor the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

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