[Ansteorra-announce] Middle Eastern Dance Champion Competition 2005, Bordermarch Autumn Melees

Donita Len Schubert SCHUBERT_DONITA_LEN at Lilly.com
Mon Oct 17 14:07:54 PDT 2005


And just like that, the competition is back on!!!  Yippee!!! 

Many heartfelt thanks to Baron Armand and Baroness Caitrin de Lacy and our 
Handsome Event Steward (the HES) Lord Phocas for allowing this competition 
to be held on Saturday night November 19 at one of the most exciting 
events of the year.

If at all possible, the stage setup will be the same as planned before, 
and the performances and dance for comment will go on just as planned. 
Here follows the old and now new again announcement:

A call out to all Middle Eastern Dancers and Musicians!  The Third Annual 
Middle Eastern Dance Championship of Ansteorra will be held at BORDERMARCH 

Dancers:  Two categories will be allowed; solo title performance and 
non-competition performance.  Both categories will be judged and comment 
sheets written.  All performances will be held to five minutes.  No 
prerecorded music will be allowed for the title competition, however 
recorded music will be allowed for the non-competition performances.  If 
you are bringing a form of recorded music, please contact me BEFORE the 
event to make sure we have a method to play your music.  Documentation, 
costume, dance, performance, music interpretation and audience reaction 
will all be taken into consideration, bring your best.  The competition 
will be held in the evening Saturday, and a mandatory meeting will be held 
Saturday late afternoon.  All competitors MUST be at this meeting to be 
considered for the title competition.  If you have further questions, 
please e-mail me privately.

Musicians:  PLEASE!!!  Ansteorra needs you to provide the glorious music 
for our beautiful dancers!  If you would like to play for the competition, 
you are very welcome!   Please send me a quick e-mail so that I can 
prepare a space for you.  We need a wide variety of rhythm, melodic, reed, 
wind and string instruments.  The space will be ready for you to set up 
late afternoon during the dancer meeting.  Part of the competition is the 
dancers interaction and interpretation of your music, come be a part of 
the excitement!

To all patrons of Middle Eastern dance in Ansteorra:  The largess given to 
the winner of the dance competition is legendary throughout the kingdom! I 
am seeking beautiful items, fabric, jewelry,  books, music, ect  to 
present to our new champion, I humbly ask for your assistance.  Please 
e-mail me with items for donation.  Rugs, pillows, lighting, snacks for 
the musicians and dancers and a 'quiet pre-performance' tent are all still 

----NEW STUFF---
JUDGES!  Please help!  If you were asked to judge before and are planning 
to attend this event, please contact me!  If you are not, please let me 
know that, too so that a replacement can be found.
SISTERS IN DANCE:  I, Toryn, am 31 weeks pregnant.  All is quite well with 
my pregnancy, and the doctors do not see any problems with me traveling to 
this event.  In one month, I shall be even GREATER with child and will be 
relying upon any help I can get, mostly just getting up from a seated 
position, but I digress...  I am asking, nay begging for help from the 
dance community in Ansteorra to rally and make this contest a true group 
effort.  If you would like to assist in any way on site or off I will be 
eternally grateful. Thank you!

My contact information:
dschubert at lilly.com  or (817) 300-4729

Thank you so much for your assistance!

In service to the Dream,
Lady Toryn Seven-Stitches

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