[Ansteorra-announce] Pre-Reg Deadline

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Tue Jan 24 16:38:52 PST 2006

To the Populace of Ansteorra,
    I do send greetings and pray that this day finds you well.  This is a reminder that the last day for pre-registration for Gulf Wars is quickly advancing. If you have not pre-registered yet, make haste to www.gulfwars.org and do so either by registering online or by printing the form.  All pre-registrations sent by mail must be post dated NO LATER THAN JAN 31, 2006.  On the other hand if you pre-register online (ACCEPS) you must pre-reg NO LATER THAN FEB 15, 2006.  The Feb 15th is only for those who pre-reg online.  No mail pre-reg forms will be accepted after Jan 31st. 
       To help aid you in any questions you might have concerning pre-registration, below are listed your Regional Land Coordinators:
Central: Druinne de Dalesberie– Rhonda.hays at nokia.com
Coastal: Baron Armand de Lacy - baron at bordermarche.org
Northern: Gilyan Clonmacnoise - agillilan at swbell.net
Southern: Sir Arenvald Kief av Kiersted - SirKief at hotmail.com
Western: Baron Chiang - chiang at nts-online.net 
Also when you pre-reg please send your regional coordinator the following information: SCA name, Mundane Name, Group Camping with, tent width and height for each person you pre-register. Also feel free to also contact me at anytime with any quesitons or might have. I can be reached at mysticfalcon at onebox.com or at ansteorraland at gulfwars.org    
In humble Service,
Lady Honour Du Bois
Squire to Sir Galen of Bristol
Anteorran Land Steward
mysticfalcon at onebox.com

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