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>From page 21 of the Ansteorran Seneschal's Handbook.  It is very clear.


Children are the future of the Society and are welcome at all events, where we should offer ways for them to enjoy themselves. However, the SCA is not a huge, safe playground where children can wander freely. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Parents should always know where their children are. If the children are under 12, they should be within eyesight or earshot of their children. Parents cannot leave the site without their children unless they have provided a notarized waiver for children in the care of a non-parent adult. Children under 12 are not suitable babysitters at SCA events.

SCA-Sponsored Children's Activities
Your group can choose to host children's activities at events for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Parents must sign their children into and out of children's activities, and must accompany any child under the age of 5 during the activities. If a child refuses to stay at the activity, the volunteer in charge cannot force them to remain, but should contact the parent.

Official SCA groups must ensure all SCA children's activities are approved by the local group Seneschal or Event Steward and if possible by the local Minister of Children (MoC). These activities should take place as near the main activities as possible, with safety of the children always in mind. Make parents aware that children's activities are not a babysitting service. These activities are provided to encourage participation by minors and to educate minors about our society and history.

For all organized SCA functions for minors, a minimum of two adults (age 18 or older), unrelated to one another by blood or marriage, must be present. This policy does not relieve parents or guardians from their primary responsibility for the welfare of their children. This policy is not subject to the granting of variance or "grandfathering" of existing activities.

For the purpose of this document, the following definitions apply:
"	Minor-A person under the age of 18
"	Adult-A person who has reached the age of 18

The Seneschal is responsible for ensuring that volunteers at children's activities are fully aware of all relevant policies and guidelines concerning minors and the running of activities. MoCs must ensure that sufficient leadership is provided for all activities, and have the right and responsibility to cancel activities if the requirements cannot be met. Encourage parents to volunteer for a couple of hours to help ensure that sufficient assistance is available.

Officers and volunteers are not responsible for correcting the behavior of children at children's activities or for restraining or disciplining these children. Children exhibiting lewd, violent, or otherwise severely problematic behavior at organized activities should be returned to parents. The Event Steward or Seneschal should be notified of the problem if such actions must be taken. An MoC should not accompany an individual child to the bathroom, but may escort groups of children to the restroom facility. Parents are ultimately responsible for seeing to the physical needs of their children. Additionally, children who are ill must remain in the care of their parent, guardian, or designated caretaker and should not be brought to children's activities.

Seneschals and parents should review the "Guidelines for Ministry of Children's Activities" for more information.

(Outgoing) Kingdom Seneschal

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