[Ansteorra-announce] Acceptances and Returns from Laurel

Christine/Maria casadevaca at charter.net
Thu Jun 15 09:27:15 PDT 2006

Buenos Dias!

I have just recieved the newest LoAR dated March 2006 letter from Laurel.
Below is a list of the accepted and returned submissions. In all, there were
30 acceptances and only 2 returns!  Very impressive!

Yours in Service,
Lady Maria Cabeca de Vaca
Retiarius Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

Alden Drake. Badge. (Fieldless) A dragon's jambe erased affronty sustaining
a hammer fesswise reversed argent.

Anne de Bernecestre. Name and device. Argent, a horse rampant and in chief a
rose fesswise gules slipped and leaved vert within a bordure sable. The
submitter requested an authentic 14th C English name. This is already a
reasonable 14th C English name.

Bjornsborg, Barony of. Order name Order of the Ursae Argenteae.
Submitted as Order of Ursi Argentei, the grammar of the descriptive elements
is incorrect. As submitted, the grammar would be correct if the elements
were masculine, but they are not. The correct genitive for the feminine ursa
argente is ursae argenteae. To be fully correct, this name should be
completely Latin: Ordo Ursae Argenteae. However, the pattern Order of the
Ursae + [adjective] is grandfathered to this barony. Therefore, we have
changed the name to Order of the Ursae Argenteae to match the grandfathered
pattern and to correct the grammar of the descriptive elements.

Branwen le Baxtere. Name and device. Azure, a garb and on a chief Or two
reremice sable.
The given name, Branwen, is an SCA-compatible Welsh name.

Caleb of York. Name.

Charles Ó Floinn. Name.
This name mixes English and Gaelic; this is one step from period practice.

Clara von Ulm. Name.
The submitter requested an authentic German name. This is an authentic 15th
C German name.
Conchobhar MacInnes. Name and badge (see RETURNS for device). (Fieldless) A
roundel conjoined to three wolves passant contourny in annulo argent.
This name mixes Gaelic and Scots; this is one step from period practice.

Connor the Hunter. Name and badge. (Fieldless) On a stag springing sable a
mullet of five greater and five lesser points argent.

Dolceamori filia Luna. Name.

Donnchadh Pixley. Device. Per pale sable and Or, a wolf's head caboshed
between three crosses crosslet fitchy within a bordure embattled
Please advise the submitter that the embattlements should be drawn deeper.

Elena Kirkman. Device. Or, a saltire and on a chief sable a cross of
Calatrava Or.
This does not conflict with Lan Tallinnesk, reblazoned elsewhere in this
letter from Or, a saltire quarter-pierced surmounted by a chief sable to
Sable, a lozenge conjoined at the points to three demi-lozenges issuant from
the flanks and base Or.

Erich of Raven's Fort. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per
fess argent and gules, a raven sable and a skull Or.
Submitted under the name Erich Rabe.

Estrill Swet. Device change. Paly purpure and argent, a dance
Her previous device, Per pale Or and purpure, a pantheon passant mullety of
four points all counterchanged, is retained as a badge.

Giotto di Giovanni. Device. Per pall sable, argent and azure, on a chief
argent a fleur-de-lys gules.

Gwenneth Bowynne of Glamorgan. Name change from Gwynaeth Angharad of
Glamorgan and device change. Per saltire vert and sable, a Bowen knot
crosswise within a double tressure Or.
There was some question whether the -nn- found in Gwenneth was consistent
with period spellings. Palimpsest notes, "Given the dated forms found in the
Academy of Saint Gabriel Report 2022 (http://www.s-gabriel.org/2022)
(Gwineth 1577, Gwenett 1629, Gwinne 1630), I'd bet that <Gwenneth> isn't out
of the question." We are inclined to agree; while the -nn- in Gwenneth is
unlikely, it is not inconsistent with known period spellings of this name.
Her old name, Gwynaeth Angharad of Glamorgan, is released.
Her previous device, Per chevron sable and vert, in cross three plates and a
cobra coiled erect affronty Or, is retained as a badge.

Henry de Bracy. Name and device. Per fess gules and vert, a fess between
three mullets Or.
Nice 14th C English name.

Isabell Quilliam. Name.

Katherine Carmichael. Name.

Katheryn Cunningghame. Name and device. Argent, a shakefork and on a chief
gules three quatrefoils argent.

Kolskeggr Thorolfsson. Device. Quarterly sable and gules, in bend two boar's
heads erased Or.

Marion Makkingze. Name and device. Purpure, four chevronels braced and on a
chief embattled Or three compass stars elongated to base purpure.
Please advise the submitter that the chevronels should be drawn thicker.

Marion Makkingze. Badge. Purpure, four chevronels braced Or.
Please advise the submitter that the chevronels should be drawn thicker.

Moislav Trinkovich. Name.
The submitter requested an authentic Russian name. While both parts of this
name are Russian, there is a more than 300 year gap between the dates for
the given name and the dates for the patronymic. This is one step from
period practice. As we have no forms of either name with more compatible
dates, we are unable to fix this problem to make this name fully authentic.
Mylisant de Impinton. Device. Per pale argent and azure, a caltrop
This does not conflict with Lettice Godfree, Per pale argent and azure, a
compass star and a ford counterchanged.  There is a CD for the difference
between a caltrop and a compass star, and another CD for removing the ford.

Radegund of Tours. Name.

Robert Haddock. Device. Per bend azure and vert, a bend wavy between a
mermaid in her vanity Or and a claymore bendwise inverted argent.

Robin of Bjornsborg. Name change from Robin of Seawinds.
His old name, Robin of Seawinds, is released.

Sæmundr bogsveigir. Name.

William Black Dragon. Device. Argent, a dragon couchant and a chief rayonny
Zoe du Murat. Alternate name Musashi no Domi.


Conchobhar MacInnes. Device. Sable, a roundel between three wolves passant
contourny in annulo argent.
This device is returned for conflict. Despite the size of the roundel, it is
the primary based on its central location.  Thus this conflicts with Dunstan
de Argentine, Sable, a moon in her complement between three lozenges argent.
There is a single CD for changing the type of secondaries, but nothing for
arrangement.  On resubmission please advise the submitter to draw a larger
roundel, as in his badge.

Erich Rabe. Name.
Aural conflict with Eric Ravn, registered June 1990. The only aural
difference is the final sounds of both names -- /be/ vs /vn/ or /fn/ -- both
are unstressed syllables. The consonant sound is formed in the same part of
the mouth. The consensus amongst those at our meeting who pronounced these
two names is that there was a large chance of confusion if both are said in
a less than silent atmosphere.
His armory was registered under the holding name Erich of Raven's Fort.

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