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Erik Langhans ELanghans at khou.com
Wed Jun 21 06:50:19 PDT 2006

At Steppes Warlord the following announcements were made:

1. Vivat to HL Gilyan who takes over from Sir Asoph as Northern Region Seneschal.
2. Congratulations to Duchess Julia who will officially take over as Ansteorra's next Kingdom Seneschal as of July 15, 2006 at King's Round Table.

Please note that at King's Round Table there is a Local/Regional Seneschal's Meeting as well as a joint meeting with all Hospitalers, Demo Coordinators, and Seneschals to discuss demos, the media, recruiting, and retention.  These meetings are critically important to attend.  Please make plans to do so if at all possible.

That last piece of business taken care of...

My time is soon at an end.  A Seneschal is only as good as their team and I was blessed.  To the overlooked but hard working Local Seneschals, thank you.  You are the front line.  You are the corps that bleeds silently to keep Ansteorra strong and growing.  I will miss working with you.  You are incredible.

To those whom I worked with most closely, the Regional Seneschals (past and present), you made me who I am.  Through your toils, you kept this office and your regions functioning.  As problem-solvers and mentors, you shined. Philip, Katherine, Myfanwy, Ryah, Jan, Ian, Asoph: you all were the reason l was able to do my job.  I have no words that are suitable to be able to encompass my thanks.

Peronnelle. as Waiver Secretary, you have one of the most important and toughest jobs in this Kingdom, yet you remain positive and a joy to work with.  Thank you.  To the Kingdom Hospitaler (Seraphina) and Ministers of Children (Adria. Isabella) you tend the future of this Kingdom.  Without your efforts, there is no future.  Thank you.

Gwenneth, then Clara: as my Calendar deputies, you had the unenviable job of overseeing the Kingdom Calendar.  Constantly juggling priorities and trying to keep events from conflicting is a critical mission, one which you both mastered.  Thank you.

To Clarissa, who mentored me and kept the web-based side of the Seneschal's office running, thanks.  Godwin, as War Liaison, and Alexis, as my Legal Advisor, you both were superb.  Julia, my ER and go-to person, you kept me from overflow and maxing out.  You are incredible.  Thank you.  Thank you.

To my fellow Great Officers and the Crowns that I've worked with: thank you. You made me feel part of the Kingdom Team and gave me the support to do my job well.

Finally to Sara, my strength and my touch-stone.  You kept me from exploding and sending out emails that would have stripped the paint from walls in their violence.  You were my release valve.  You were my secretary, my proofer, my typist, my checker, my organizer.  You made my communications sparkle.  I am lucky to have you as a partner for life.   Thank you for being there with me while I was Kingdom Seneschal.

To Ansteorra, thank you all for teaching me new skills, for putting up with me, for letting me get to know you, and allowing me to see sides of this Kingdom very lucky few will ever experience.  I leave the office invigorated and energized and with a renewed passion for this great Kingdom.

Vivat Ansteorra! 

(Outgoing) Kingdom Seneschal

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