[Ansteorra-announce] Zip Map

AGILLILAN@swbell.net AGILLILAN at swbell.net
Fri Jun 23 08:47:20 PDT 2006

Actually, this is *not* the current zip map of 
Ansteorra. This map is from 2004. I have not been able 
to update it since then, even though it has changed, 
because I am no longer a student at Oklahoma State 

The current map is on my computer. If you want to see 
a specific area, I can make a jpg and send it to you.

If anyone in the kingdom has permanent access to 
ArcGIS and ArcIMS and is willing to host the current 
zip code map, I would be happy to send them the files.


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>Here is the current zip map of Ansteorra.  Thanks as 
always to HL Gilyan =
>for creating, programming and keeping this beast fed.

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