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Greetings unto all!

Here is the latest News release for the Great Western War. In an effort to
get the word about the event and its new site, could you please repost the
message to your local lists?

Thank you
-Lord Matheus Reyner
Publicity, GWW X

Great Western War X

Is back and will offer all of the fun and excitement you've come to
expect.  Come
enjoy our new site that will enchant you with green lawns, mature shade
cool lake breezes and big blue skies.

Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area
Approximately 25 miles southwest of Bakersfield, CA, off I-5 onto Highway
Turn Left on Golf Course Rd. Turn Left into the park entrance.
The entrance to GWW will be located at the parks "back" entrance - not the
gate entrance.
We will NOT be using the parks main gate entrance off of Hwy 43 (S. Enos

The site will open on Tuesday October 2, 2007 at noon for all pre-registered
guests, and Wednesday October 3, 2007 at noon for those who have not.

PreRegistration will open on June 1, 2007 and will close on August 31, 2007.
Please watch the web site for complete details.
Land allocation will be limited to Kingdom Royal encampments.  Everything
will be first come first served.

Please visit the events web page often. http://www.caid-gww.org/
This is our best method to get accurate information to you as quickly as
possible. As we learn more about the site and work out event details we will
information there first.  Because this is a new site we must occasionally
changes to things we've done in the past.  Please read the articles and
announcements on our web page carefully and check for changes regularly.

Notice to RV campers:
Our use area of the park will not include any full hook up sites for RV
We can only provide dry camping spaces (no water, electricity, or sewer) in
paved or dirt lot.  Dry RV sites can be reserved through GWW's normal
process.  Dry RV campers will be allowed to use the dump station at the full
up site (approx. 1 mile from Dry lot).

If you require full RV hook ups you must contact Buena Vista Reservations
directly at 661-868-7050 or visit their web site at
<http://www.co.kern.ca.us/parks/>  to make a PRIVATE reservation.  This
reservation WILL NOT include GWW site fees.  Spaces are limited. The full
hook up
area at Buena Vista is approximately one and a half miles away from the war
via a park road.  No transportation will be provided between the full hook
area and the war. Those with a private reservation with Buena Vista must
the park for camping through the main gate entrance on Hwy 43 and you will
required to check in to GWW via our gate on Golf Course Rd.

You've heard the old saying that "many hands make light work". Please
donating a few hours of your time to volunteer at the war. In addition to
to make it a memorable event you will earn a monetary donation to your
SCA territory. Contact our Volunteer Steward at volunteers at caid-gww.org  for

Special Events
Planning a wedding or other special event at GWW X? Please contact
specialevents at caid-gww.org  for details.

Arts & Sciences
Looking for a good time at war? Then come and share your knowledge, artistry
skills with the rest of the Known World by teaching a class in an art of
If you or anyone you know may be interested in teaching a class please
Senora Madelena Hidalgo de Valencia at arts at caid-gww.org

Planning for the Merchant Village is under way.  Since the event will be at
a new
site the merchant village will be an entirely new venture and we ask for
patience as we figure it out.
As in years past, returning merchants will get the opportunity to apply for
first. Registration and Information packets for merchants will be mailed as
as they are ready.
If you will be a returning merchant and have had any changes in your contact
information or if you are not a returning merchant and would like to be on
waiting list please contact the Merchant Steward, HL Collette Vittraria at
merchants at caid-gww.org
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