[Ansteorra-announce] Bardic Competition for Guardians of the Tor

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Mon Apr 16 13:18:32 PDT 2007

Hear one and all,

Upon the 28th of April, Dragonsfire Tor, is hosting a competition to
choose their next Bardic Guardian.  As present holder of the honor, it is
my responsibility and joy to arrange for the tournament.

It will be timed to follow the archery competition but before court.  All
that enter may be requested to perform a piece during the feast to expose
the greater populous to the story, song and skill of our kingdom's bards. 
The dinner pieces (unless the competition runs long - in which case the
final rounds will be performed during dinner) do not have to be
presentations done during the competition.

The format of the competition is three rounds.  In all rounds, it is the
Bard's choice for the performance format (singing, musical instrument,
poetry, storytelling, puppetry, mime (okay, maybe not mime), fool's
skills, etc.).

The first round topic is of the Bard's choice.
The second and third rounds have limited topics.  In the second round, the
topics are "Tor", "Sea", "Star" or "Laurel".  In the third round, the
topics are "Passages without Connection" or "Forgetfulness".  A Bard does
not have to follow the topics, but it will be encouraged with bonus points
given to those who try.

An example, in Tanka:
Walking the fire tor
I stop in green laurel grove
In awe of turbulent sea.
Salt white crests support,
An ebony star sailing.

You don't have to get all the topics in one story, just a saga about a
Viking raid sailing across the sea or an SCA story about a Laurel will do.
 For a musician, "Night on Bald Mountain" :-).

I do not know what the break points between rounds will be, whether 6
advance to the 2nd round and 3 people to the 3rd, or half the people
advance, then half again.  It will depend on numbers entering.

Travel Well,

Lady Prudence the Curious
Bard Guardian of Dragonsfire Tor

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