[Ansteorra-announce] Kingdom Seneschal Black Star Missive for May 2007

Duchess Julia seneschal at ansteorra.org
Wed Apr 25 07:01:50 PDT 2007

Good morning!

Due to a technical difficulty (on my part), my missive did not make it in
the May Black Star.  I plan to incorporate some the following into my June

Kingdom Seneschal


Unto the Citizens of Ansteorra, Greetings!

Crown Tournament has come and gone but not before giving us Heirs on a
wintry, April day!  Congratulations to Ulstan and Ebergardis!  Vivat

On a side note, for the first time, every Crown participant had
pre-registered on-line!  Thank you for taking the time to pre-register as it
made the sign-up process much more efficient.

Thank you to HL Gilyan for her tenure as Northern Regional Seneschal and to
those individuals who tendered applications.  I am pleased to announce that
his Excellency Ainar Magnusson will be taking over these duties as soon as
he and Gilyan can get together to transition the office.  It has been my
pleasure to work with Gilyan and I look forward to working with Ainar in the

Much discussion has occurred in the past few months regarding ADA-compliant
sites.  When considering a potential event site, I would request Event
Stewards to evaluate it to determine how well it will accommodate those with
disabilities.  The site selection process should factor in the
accommodations, along with other factors including location, cost and
availability.  To the extent that we can readily use disability friendly
sites, we will make it easier for our fellow Ansteorrans to fully

The recruitment and retainment of new members is a priority in Ansteorra as
well as the Known World.  We currently have several groups who do not have a
Hospitaler.  At the most recent Seneschal, Exchequer, and Hospitaler
Symposium, it was announced that if a group does not have someone serving in
that capacity, seneschals should simply cc their (seneschal) report to their
Regional Hospitaler or directly to the Kingdom Hospitaler if a regional is
not in place.  Remember, the more information we receive, the better we can
help serve and strengthen your group.

As a reminder, for those groups submitting bids for Kingdom level events
(Crown, Coronation, Queen's, etc.), please remember to forward a copy to HL
Isobail, our Kingdom Exchequer.  This is a relatively new procedure which
assists us in budgeting matters.

My missive wouldn't be complete without mentioning our favorite
topic…waivers.  I encourage all local seneschals to visit the waiver


Check it periodically to make sure your waivers are current.  If they are
not relatively up-to-date, you will be receiving an email or phone call from
my regional in the next week or so.

Unto the officers of Ansteorra, thank you.  Your efforts are immensely

In Service,

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