[Ansteorra-announce] 12th night feast reservation list

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Thu Dec 27 20:30:19 PST 2007

For those who did not manage feast pre-reservations for 12th night through ACCEPs, here is the list so far of those who want feast so far. This does not mean you will absolutly get feast, only a first come first serve listing of requests for available feast reservations. As soon as I know how many pre-reserves we had through ACCEPs, I will let you all know who is guaranteed feast.
12th night feast reservation list (so far)

Morgan Buchannon
Ciannit Cambuel
Jaque the Spink
Jaque the Spink (guest)
Emma (Esther)
Emma (Esther) (guest)
Bevelaqua, (Niki Baker)
The Rooster (Jonathon MacKenzie)
Marguerite (Leah Patton)
Viviana Roundtree?
Katheryn Cunningham
Katheryn Cunningham (guest)
Suzanna the Herbalist
Aguilwulf the Loud
Please email me if you wish to be added to this list. I will try and keep it updated as well as I can.
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