[Ansteorra-announce] Upcoming Chirurgeon/ Waterbearing Training Opportunities

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Mon Jan 1 15:11:48 PST 2007

We have many opportunities for Chirurgeon, Chirurgeon related, and Waterbearing Training in the coming months. This is an open invitation to all interested in either the Chirurgeonate or the Waterbearers Guilds. We need your help to keep our Kingdom happy and healthy. Ansteorran Chirurgeons and Waterbearers compete in the volunteer point every year at Gulf Wars. We offer non-contact authorizations to those that complete a waterbearer 101 or chirurgeon 101 course. We need your help!
Upcoming classes include:
Round Table - CPR-PRO/FA
Candlemas - Chirurgeon 101, Chirurgeon 102 ( new updated course)
Jagermister - Chirurgeon 101 ( and maybe Waterbearer 101)
Gulf Wars XVI - Marshaling for Chirurgeons, RATT - Rapid Assessment and Transport Team, CPR-PRO, First Aid, Chirurgeon Crew Chief class, Chirurgeon Charting class, Waterbearing 101.
Sign up for some of these wonderful upcoming classes here:
Reminder: If your group is interested in holding either a Chirurgeon or Waterbearer class at an upcoming event, please contact me. I will find instructors, you find the place. I will advertise and put up training opportunity on website.
In Service,
Lady Eleanora Elizabeth Caley ( called Caley)
Deputy Kingdom Chirurgeon of Training
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