[Ansteorra-announce] Queen's

KRM-Ansteorra rapier at marshal.ansteorra.org
Wed Jan 17 22:09:37 PST 2007

Ladies and gentlemen,

If you plan to fight in Queen's, this is a final reminder to have your
gear up to spec in time for that worthy tournament. I will be personally
inspecting much of the rapier gear that goes onto the field and I don't
want to see unsafe equipment at inspection.

In particular, make sure your armor properly covers all kill zones at all
times. I have seen a few sets that did not seem to meet that specification
and if I see that is still the case at Queen's, they will not be allowed
on the field. I have warned about this in the Black Star and now I am
giving one more warning here so this should not come as a surprise to

While we do consider a layer of tape to be enough to repair insignificant
problems like a hole in a glove or a gapping sleeve, I doubt it will be
sufficient for protecting kill zones. I will have my drop tester on hand
to settle any debate.

I don't want to exclude anyone but I will insist that we not have any
obviously exposed kill zones. After all, they are kill zones for a reason.

I also recommend each of you bring a bottle of water since dehydration is
a possibility even in the winter. You might also have a few snacks and
perhaps a hot drink in a thermos since it may be quite cool.

I look forward to seeing you all on the field.


Christian Doré, Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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