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Michael & Crystal Lemming portofun at ticnet.com
Wed Jan 31 20:30:22 PST 2007

Good Ansteorrans,
A call was made to the baronies to produce ramps and various articles of
war. I do not know who has committed to what at this point, but I wanted to
post about the ramp requirements in case anyone wanted to get busy. 
We should be fine with 12' long by 24" wide ramps - that way they should fit
anywhere and give an easy run up them. Do not use 4x4s. They are too heavy.
Use 2x4s with 3/8 or 1/2 inch plywood and 2x4 support crossbeams where
needed. I will be making one (at least) on Sunday and will repost to let you
know what I think. Anyone who has made them in the past to good (or ill)
effect, please email me at portofun at ticnet.com. We want them as light as
possible, but sturdy.
The measurements were determined by looking at the wall height and width
between crenalations. The following statements were pulled directly from the
guidelines at:
Siege structures shall:

1. Be able to support 300 pounds for every 4 square feet of platform area.

2. Be equipped with railings or walls at least 36 inches tall and able to
support 100

pounds per foot of railing length if the platform is more than 3 feet from


3. Be structurally stable (e.g., a wheeled siege tower should have a base
big enough

and wheels large enough to safely carry crew over the terrain of the field).

Battering rams and battering structures are permitted, but should be durable

enough to withstand repeated impacts and light enough to be safe when
carried or

if dropped.

It says railings, but I don't believe that it means that for ramps. Leave
them off for now. I have sent an email to the Society Earl Marshal to
clarify the point.
Thank you for your service,

Duke Miguel

General of Ansteorra

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