[Ansteorra-announce] Status of Western Region dissolutions

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug seneschal at ansteorra.org
Fri Jan 11 04:20:10 PST 2008

Good Morning,


  As discussed with those present at Bonwicke 12th night, this will be
announced in Their Majesties Ulsted and Ebergardis' final court at
Coronation this Saturday.


The Western Region administrative entity is dissolved effective January
12th, 2008.


The Shires of Adlersruhe, An Loch, Blacklake, Crossrode Keep and Mendersham
are suspended pending Society resolution.  These groups must cease organized
SCA-sponsored activities until such time as the matter is resolved.  Access
to the group accounts and financial records must be turned over to the
Kingdom Exchequer until the groups are dissolved or restored by the
Corporate level.  As I have tried to make clear in my appeal informational
messages, it should be fairly obvious that unfortunate behavior during this
period cannot fail to dilute the value of pleadings for restoration to full


  After further discussions with the Society Seneschal, the final review of
the dissolution of these groups will occur at the April Board meeting and
not the January Board meeting as originally stated.


In Service,

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug

Acting Kingdom Seneschal




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