[Ansteorra-announce] YR Marshal Update

Ansteorra Kingdom Rapier Marshal rapier at marshal.ansteorra.org
Mon Jul 7 18:06:49 PDT 2008

We received an updated Background Check roster so we now have a few more 
Youth Rapier Marshals available. Here is our current list:

Alfred Huddlestone (YR Marshall) -- Southern Region
Caellach mac Donal (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Southern Region
Christian Dore (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Southern Region
Claire Shayhan (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Southern Region
Kelandra Carmichael (YR Marshall) -- Northern Region
Rhiannon ferch Cian (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Central Region
Threse Marie Giovanni (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Northern 
Tivar Moondragon (YR Marshall) -- Southern Region
Tostig Logiosophi (YR Marshal) -- Central Region
William of Welewen (YR Marshal) -- Coastal Region

We now have authorizing YR marshals in the Southern, Central and 
Northern regions.

For other YR marshals, you are not listed as having submitted paperwork. 
Please contact me or Pug ASAP so we can resolve this.

If you are not a YR marshal but you would like to be, or you have 
expired, please see one of the authorizing marshals on the list above. 
It will involve some paperwork and learning how/demonstrating your 
ability to marshal the youth but these are very enthusiastic fighters 
and helping them is well worth the effort.

There are lots of kids who would love to play -- I hear from them and 
their parents all the time. All we need to have a vibrant YR program is 
the infrastructure of marshals to support it. You are the key to the 
success of this program.

If you have any questions you can contact me or the Kingdom Youth Rapier 
Marshal. We are both listed in the Blackstar.

Christian Doré, Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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