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Ansteorra Kingdom Rapier Marshal rapier at marshal.ansteorra.org
Tue Jun 10 18:08:59 PDT 2008

As those of you involved in Youth Rapier know, Youth Rapier marshals are 
required to get background checks done by the SCA. Many aspects of the 
Youth Rapier program have been on hold while the corporate office got 
it's act together concerning background checks.

Now I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have in our 
first round of checks. Those on this roster are Youth Rapier marshals in 
good standing. We can also resume authorizing new Youth Rapier marshals. 
We are looking forward to seeing some of our YR fighters in Guardian of 
the Queen's Hope and if the ones I have seen in Bryn Gwald are examples 
of what we will see, you will be impressed with the caliber of the fighters.

Now the bad news. The list is very short. Those not on the list should 
stop acting as Youth Rapier Marshals as of now. You may resume your 
duties -- with our great appreciation -- once we see your background 
check come in and issue you a new card.

For now, here is the list of YR marshals:

Christian Dore (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Southern Region
Claire Shayhan (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Southern Region
William of Welewen (YR Marshal) -- Coastal Region
Threse Marie Giovanni (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Northern 
Caellach mac Donal (YR Marshal, Authorizing YR Marshal) -- Southern Region
Tostig Logiosophi (YR Marshal) -- Central Region

Yes, that does mean there is no one who can authorize Youth Rapier 
fighters or marshals in the Coastal and Central regions. Nor are then 
any YR marshals at all in the former Western region. Coverage is very, 
very thin.

If you are NOT on this list but you have gotten a background check 
letter saying you are approved, please contact me. Some people seem to 
be getting letters before we are notified while for others we are 
notified before they get their letter. Let me know so we can ask the 
right people the right questions.

Some background checks are still in process and could come through any 
day. I know at least of few of you who are YR marshals have just not 
gotten around to sending in your background check paperwork. Sit down 
and do that paperwork now. It will still take weeks or even months to 
get a response but the longer you delay the weaker our program gets. If 
you are a YR marshal and did not get your background check materials, 
please write to the kingdom Seneschal now and request them.

I do not get to know why your background check has not come in. I only 
know when you pass. Whether there was a delay or a problem, or if you 
never sent in the paperwork I have no idea. Nor do I have any control 
over these checks or how they are done.

If you are not a YR marshal but you would like to be, or you have 
expired, please see one of the authorizing marshals on the list above. 
It will involve some paperwork and learning how/demonstrating your 
ability to marshal the youth but these are very enthusiastic fighters 
and helping them is well worth the effort.

There are lots of kids who would love to play -- I hear from them and 
their parents all the time. All we need to have a vibrant YR program is 
the infrastructure of marshals to support it. You are the key to the 
success of this program.

Finally, a plea for the kingdom treasury. These background checks -- 
mandated by SCA Inc. -- are costing the kingdom $14 a shot, plus any 
overhead to handle them. If you have passed your check and you have a 
spare $15, please consider writing a check to the kingdom to cover that 
cost. I know we are asking you to give service and to donate but know 
that your contribution could cover the background check of someone who 
can't spare the funds but might be a great YR marshal. Here is what to do:

   1. Write a check to SCA Inc, Kingdom Of Ansteorra.
   2. In the note area write "donation - YR Background check".
   3. Mail it in to the kingdom treasurer. You can find the address in
      the Blackstar.

If you have any questions you can contact me or the Kingdom Youth Rapier 
Marshal. We are both listed in the Blackstar.

Christian Doré, Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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