[Ansteorra-announce] Voluntary Dissolution of Crossrode Keep

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug seneschal at ansteorra.org
Fri May 9 07:42:07 PDT 2008

Good Morning,

  To keep everyone informed, I am announcing that after review of the terms
of probation and the Performance Improvement Plan, the Shire of Crossrode
Keep has chose to voluntary dissolve their group. Their membership, zip
codes, and group funds/property (including historical documents) are being
merged with the Shire of Trelac.

  Officers, please note this dissolution and take any appropriate action
regarding the offices.

In Service,

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug
Kingdom Seneschal - Ansteorra
seneschal at ansteorra.org 

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