[Ansteorra-announce] PSSSST....

Margarite McBridin sca at bmhanson.net
Tue May 13 16:13:16 PDT 2008

Person #1:  Did you hear?

Person#2:  No, what?

Person#1:  Steppes WARLORD Emerald Anniversary Tournament (XXV) is next weekend, Memorial Day weekend.  

Person#2:  Already?  Where?

Person#1:  In Canton, Texas at the First Monday Trade Days Site

Person#2:  Wow!  What time does it start?

Person#1:  It lasts ALL weekend – from Friday 12Noon until Monday 12Noon

Person#2:  That’s a long event.  What does it cost; $30-$40 for the whole thing?

Person#1:  Nope – that’s the best part!  It is only $15 for the whole thing, less for kids
Person#2:  No way!!  Only $15?  That’s a great deal.

Person#1:  AND guess what else?!  The Ansteorran Longship Company will be serving omelets for breakfast, too.  Merchants, activities, archery, rapier fighting, chivalric fighting
.  All kinds of stuff.  

Person #2: Hey, are they doing the multi-level chivalric fighting again?

Person#1:  You mean the Centurion list, and the Talon list, and the No fighting awards list?  Yeah they are doing that again!

Person#2:  Oh my gosh.  I think I have to go.  

Person#1:  Don’t think about going!  You should definitely go!  They are going to choose the 35th Warlord, AND the 21st Champion, AND the 22nd Bard, AND the 9th Archer.  How you can miss an opportunity like that?  Better yet, you’re a Bard and a Fighter – you should be in the tournaments.  

Person#2:  Maybe I will be in the tournaments.  I am definitely going!  Thanks for letting me know. 

Person#1:  No problem.  I’ll see you there.

     Please join us at Canton First Monday Trade Days 
     May 23-26th: 12Noon -12Noon
     Please see the May Black Star Ad or visit our website at steppes.ansteorra.org/warlord35 

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