[Ansteorra-announce] From the Kingdom Webminister

Ansteorra KWm vscribe at ansteorra.org
Wed Nov 5 13:57:19 PST 2008

Greetings unto the great Kingdom of Ansteorra! 

I hope all is well with you this wonderful November. I would like to thank
all who inquired about and who applied to be my replacement for Kingdom
Webminister. After reviewing the candidates Lord Marc-Antoine de Larue will
be your next Webminister. He will take over the office officially at our
January Round table event. Until then he will be your Incoming Webminister.

If you send email to vscribe at ansteorra.org know that it is a shared email
address between Marc, Myself, and My current ER Deputy Alasdair.

As many of you know by now I moved out of the state in late July. My husband
was offered a different position in the company that he works for.

Since then I have been serving you from far reaches of the Pacific North
West. I am settling in and now have a new job. If you wish to know more
information about me and my move you are more than welcome to email me
privately. :)

Ever since I stepped into the office in March of 2003 I have tried very hard
to make this an easy and friendly office that folks want to apply to no
matter what their level of skill was. I traveled all over the Kingdom to
train anyone that asked and I always felt it was fun. It was like visiting
family who had a wonderful hot meal waiting for me at the end. I had
deputies go off to college, get married, have kids, and one pass away. Lord
Marc stepped in when Michael of Langley passed away and finished his
projects. Mac-Antoine has been an integral part of the team.

In these next few months the team will be reworking the office of the
Webminister. Corporate is about to change the office of the Webminister
across the society dramatically and policies need to be rewritten. We ask
for your patience and input as you see fit. You are by far the grandest
Kingdom in the whole Known World and I will never forget that.

I ask that you please give Lord Marc-Antoine your support and advice as he
transitions the office over to the new policies and brings in his own team
of deputies.

>From the bottom, middle, and top of my heart, I thank you for allowing me to
serve. It has been and always will be my honor. :)

Baroness Chiara Francesca
Outgoing Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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