[Ansteorra-announce] Iron Star at Bordermarch

Steelquist, John F John.F.Steelquist at boeing.com
Wed Nov 12 13:14:54 PST 2008


The "Team Formerly Known as Instantaneous Banishment" will be defending
the Ansteorran Iron Star at Bordermarch Melees, on Friday around 2:00
pm.  If there aren't sufficient challengers at that time, the challenge
may be moved to Sunday morning.  

For those unaware, this is a 3-5 fighter rapier melee challenge.  Much
to the chagrin of many, challengers from Calontir took it first.  Is
this to be the time that those invaders from Gleann Abhann abscond with
more than a well-tended ram, but perhaps our Iron Star, as well?
Ansteorra - defend your Star!


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