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***    Exciting Event Plug    ***
*** The Canton of Skorragarðr ***
***           Axeman V        ***
***    November 14th – 16th   ***

The Viking hordes are gathering at the borders, merriment is in the air, the
Celts have taken over the kitchen and damned be the hungry.

The Canton of Skorrgarðr is pleased to announce their celebration of Axeman
V - November 14 - 16th at the Will Rogers Boy Scout Reservation in
Cleveland, Oklahoma.  This will be a celebration of all things Viking but
certainly will not exclude our friends from other lands.  Games,
championships, food, drink, and entertainment await all who will join us.

Friday evening will feature Viking wrestling or perhaps the game of Kubb is
more your style.

Saturday will begin the day choosing the Champions of the Canton of
Skorragarðr.  Our Axeman will be chosen by a bear pit tourney where an axe
must be your primary weapon.  This year our Rapier Champion will be chosen
by a unique ship battle.  The Archer of Skorrgarðr will face a fierce dragon
to test his skills with the bow.  Knives, axes, and spears will find their
mark for our Thrown Weapons Champion.  While our newest Skald will woo us
with Viking tales and song.

** Will YOU be one of our champions? **

In the feast hall we will chose the Arts and Science Champion.  Entries will
feature something Viking-ish with limited documentation.  Intellectuals
might try their hand at some of our Viking games (Hnefatafl, Knucklebones,
and Riddling).  Maybe learn inkle weaving or Nalbindling from Lady Annabelle
or Lady Annias.  Warm drinks and satisfying foods to satisfy your bellies in
our tavern.. and Laird Gaelan will prepare a feast to remember.

Speaking of Larid Gaelan, he and his crew are also sponsoring The Great
Bread Bakeoff.  This bakeoff will consist of five categories; Traditional
(wheat/white), Quick Bread, Bread Machine, Fruit/Sweet Breads, Other.
Participants can enter two breads per category with a max limit of ten
breads total.  Breads should contain a list of ingredients and must be baked
off site.  First and second place will be chosen and rewarded.  All first
place breads will be turned over to the head table for Best of Show.  All
other breads will be served to the feast guests.

Something for all in this grand celebration.

Site opens at 5pm November 14th and closes noon on the 16th.

Site Fees:
Adult Member:  $10.00
Member (12-17):  $8.00
Member (6-11):  $5.00
NMS:  $3.00
Family Max:  $30.00
Feast:  $8.00 (Limited to 65)

Visit the Axeman V website at


for further information.

Event Stewards:
Sæmundr inn skærr and Sarait Inghean Beathain
eventstewards at gmail.com


Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay and Isobel Margaret de Kirkbrybe
udsd007 at gmail.com / kirkbryde at yahoo.com

Mechant Steward:
Sayyidah Fayidah binte Asad umm Jawhar
wanderingrose24 at yahoo.com

Are you looking for Jim or Sæmundr?  Find them both at:

Are you looking for Jim or Sæmundr?  Find them both at:
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