[Ansteorra-announce] the darkness grows

Almarr Bjarnklo bjarnklo at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 25 07:59:53 PDT 2008

  I am Bela, King of Hungary.Oh Mighty Ansteorra, pay heed to my words, for after me and my country you are next for the great horde.   
  From the east they come.  They come with a black cloud, and putrid cloud, of death and destruction.  They are done now with Gleann Abhann and now are marching west.  
  I have gathered as many forced as I could muster, but I fear its not enough.  Not only this great terrible horde that threatens, but also this other army is Marching.  It is not known whether this other army is friend or foe, but we must hope for the best and plan for the worst.
  Oh land of the sable star, hear my calling.  Send your Horsemen, Send your soldiers, send your cooks to feed the army, Send who ever shall come to my aid!  I will accept all as there is more than just fighting that we will need to win this battle and send this darkness back to the pits where they belong.  
  My bards have told stories of the warriors of Ansteorra for years, for generations!  Bring me your bards so our story will live in glory for all to hear!
  Come Ansteorra, and together we shall be victorious!  
  This horde of death will spare none!  refugees tell of such atrocities that the world has never seen.  Come, use me as the buffer to protect your lands, your homes, YOUR FAMILIES!  
  We will meet this horde towards the Northeast of Rosenfeld.  We have been setting defenses, building obstacles, but our preparation time has come to an end.  We meet in 9 short days.  Come, defend yourselves and FIGHT WITH ME AND MY COUNTRYMEN!  
I am King Bela IV
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