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Mon Sep 29 08:38:23 PDT 2008

It is with much regret that I must report the passing of _Anebairn  
MacPharlaine of Arrochar_ 
(http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/OP/op-names.php?search=Anebairn MacPharlaine of Arrochar&id=332)  (Ben Mcfarling), the second Star Principal 
 Herald of Ansteorra, last weekend at his home in Austin, TX. His death was  
sudden and unexpected, and no cause has yet been determined. He had been a  
resident of both the barony of the Steppes and the barony of Bryn Gwalad  during 
his time as a member. Although not an active participant in the  Society for 
more than 20 years, Anebairn held an important place in the early  rolls of 
officers in our kingdom's history. 
Baron Edwin FitzLloyd, OL, OP
Lion of Ansteorra

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