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Why do fighters go to war? Is it because they enjoy long car rides with
their heads hanging out the windows? No! Okay, I do but. it's because they
get to fight all day long! And why do so many people go to costuming
symposiums? Because we can talk about garb. All. Day. Long.


So join us on September 11, 12 and 13th for Grand Assembly of Archers
because we are going to Shoot All Day Long! Two ranges with continuously
scheduled tournament shoots and an open range for all day practice and royal
rounds. If you can still feel your fingers when you leave, you weren't
trying hard enough!


Never shot before, we'll loan you a bow! Are you an expert archer, we've got
challenges in store for you! We have shoots planned for everyone including
children, youth, ladies, past and present champions, special shoots for
unranked and ranked archers, traditional and crossbow, plus open shoots for
everyone including a viking shoot, string shoot and a finale shoot across
two ranges for all archers to end their day with!


Prizes include a custom made English long bow, hand tooled quiver, arm
guards, hand made leather pouch, hand made leather side bag, a prize basket
made just for the ladies plus much more.


Friday evening we'll drink and be merry at the Bardic Circle.  Saturday
night we'll party 'til dawn at the Halfa!


Site fee is ONLY $6.00 for adults, $5 for minors, children 5 and under free.

Find more details, directions and contact information at:



Hope to see you there!

Melina de Mantua <mailto:shell.atwood at gmail.com> 

Ulf Gunnarsson <mailto:ulfie at cox.net> 

Autocrats Grand Assembly of Archers


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