[Ansteorra-announce] [Announcements] Laurel Office Request for Feedback on the Rules for Submissions

Patrick Anderson president at sca.org
Tue Dec 22 08:51:43 PST 2009

> To those to whom these words come, greetings from Olwynn ni  
> Chinneidigh,
> Laurel Queen of Arms and Juliana de Luna, Palimpsest Herald.
> The Laurel office is starting to review our policies and procedures  
> for
> submissions.  We expect that the eventual outcome will be a complete
> rewrite of the Rules for Submissions.
> To start this process, we're asking the populace and heralds to give  
> us
> feedback about the heraldic submissions process and how it should  
> work.
> A survey which asks some basic questions can be found at
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GLJZDDZ; we'd appreciate it if  
> interested
> people would take time to answer the questions there.  Anyone can
> complete this; we promise to read all answers.  We expect the survey  
> to
> take fifteen to twenty minutes.  Additional comments about or ideas  
> for
> this process can be sent to rules at heraldry.sca.org.
> We have several goals for this process:
> -    to make the Rules for Submissions easier to use for heralds and
> submitters alike
> -    to reduce discrepancies between the Rules as written and the  
> rules
> as applied
> -    to reflect on the degree of authenticity we want for the
> registration process and how best to codify rules to evaluate it
> -    to reconsider the level of difference we should require between
> names and devices for registration
> In all areas, the Society for Creative Anachronism has moved towards
> progressively better understandings of what people did in our period.
> Given this, we are not interested in discussing rules changes that  
> would
> substantially lower our standards for registration of names and  
> armory.
> But we are interested in exploring ways to make it easier for people
> register items that are in period style, whether or not they fit the
> rules as they currently exist.  We welcome ideas about how to do that
> from all sources.
> We look forward to hearing from you!  The deadline for the survey is
> January 31; we will continue to accept comments by e-mail until the
> review of the rules is completed.  Please forward this message to  
> other
> mailing lists, so that as many people as possible can respond.
> Juliana and Olwynn
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