[Ansteorra-announce] Bryn Gwlad Baronial Flashback

robert segrest aumbob at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 4 19:13:19 PDT 2009

It’s 1979; 
Do you know where your parents are?
On October 23rd thru 25th, the Barony
of Bryn Gwlad will host their 30th year Baronial Flashback at
Castleton, where we will hearken back to the foundation of our barony and our
Come join us.  Share
tales of yore at a Bardic Circle (minors present after 10:00pm are the
responsibility of their parents and not of the host, the autocrat, the barony
or the Ministry of Children).   Battle for the honor of baronial archery,
chivalric and rapier champions (to be decided with foils and possibly rattan
daggers).  Display your ‘period’
clothing, armor and other sundries in the Friday Night Fashion Show, to be held
in the curtain theater.  Help us to
demonstrate, that the heart of a warrior, the honor of a noble, the skill of an
artisan and the spirit of a bard will shine in any clothing and any era.
Seek the legendary Gold of Charlemagne in a quest by Master
Thomas of Tenby.  Enjoy the magical feast
of Barbeque served from the bed of a Dragon by Mistress Gwyneth Blackrose.  Celebrate those honored with Ansteorran
Principality award with Master Daniel de Lincoln.  Peruse the famed Museum of Bryn Gwlad,
presented by Honorable Lady Alina Mitchell.  Demonstrate your most honorable courtly behavior, for secret servants of
the crown will be observing and may call your actions to royal attention.
Learn valuable skills.  The Bryn Gwlad herbalist’s guild will be conducting a demonstration of
mustard making to all who would learn.  Master Peter of the Isle and Sir Gaston de Clermont will also be
conducting an armoring demonstration, with particular attention to armor
repairs (That’s right, “my armor is broken” is not an excuse to miss this
event; quite the contrary.)
Last, but certainly not least do not miss the recognition of
Ansteorra’s newest peers:
Centurion Lochlan Dunn will be offered the accolade of
knighthood during the morning court, after a vigil Friday night.
Honorable Lady Amata di Arrezzo will be welcomed to the
Order of the Laurel during evening court after sitting a vigil on Friday night
and welcoming all who wish to speak to her during the day on Saturday.
Don’t miss the opportunity to salute these peers.
Please direct any questions or concerns to the Autocrat,
Lord Fatthiopap Laszlo, at aumbob at yahoo.com or 512-762-6970


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