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John Hirling ihon.vinson.macfergus at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 05:11:51 PDT 2009

One additional note:  Kingdom A & S is currently calendared for February 13,

ihon vinson macfergus, OL
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences

On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 6:13 AM, John Hirling <
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> It is my privilege to serve Ansteorra as Minister of Arts & Sciences.
> Kingdom A&S is a very important event not only for our artisans but also
> because it is the event at which our Gulf Wars competitors are chosen.  It
> is a VERY SIMPLE event to host.  It requires a hall large enough to display
> about 50 entries, a large area for the artisans to relax while the judging
> occurs, a room large enough for the Laurels to meet and retreat and a room
> for Royalty. An area for performers would be helpful.  Churches and schools
> work well.  No feast is required - rather a side-board lunch for about 100.
> Laurels/Royalty lunch is optional - just let me know and I'll see that that
> is taken care of separately if it is impossible for you.   It needs to be
> held in January or February - the earlier the better.  The mechanics -
> judging, tallying, awarding, is handled by my office and the Laurels.  It
> has been piggybacked on other events in the past but works best as a
> stand-alone.   Please let the Kingdom Seneschal "Duchess Conal" <
> seneschal at ansteorra.org> and me know as soon as possible if your group is
> interested.
> ihon vinson macfergus, OL
> Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
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