[Ansteorra-announce] Will you miss it?

Golden Staff golden-staff at herald.ansteorra.org
Tue Feb 2 14:34:08 PST 2010


I bear you greetings on behalf of our Stellar Majesties, Owen and Genevria.

Part of the great strength of our kingdom is our support of one
another.  We fight together, we craft together, and we serve together.
 As Their Majesties tell newcomers in their courts, each of us is a
piece of the Black Star ascending.  Together, we make up the Kingdom
of Ansteorra; and together we can accomplish anything we can imagine.

In a little more than one month, our kingdom comes together with our
allies to face our annual challenge from the Kingdom of Trimaris and
their allies.  Our warriors, artisans, even our children come together
to put our strength, our will, and our very heart on the line to
overcome this challenge.  But our strength, our will and our heart are
not complete without each of us to do our part.

The deadline for postal mailing of registrations has passed (due
postmarked January 31).  The deadline for ACCEPS registrations is
February 18 (a Thursday).  Once you are registered (or if you have
registered already), please contact your regional land coordinators.
Without your registration and your checking in with the land
coordinators, space cannot be reserved for you to camp with the
Ansteorran family.

So, if you have not pre-registered yet, get to ACCEPS.  If you are
pre-registered, make sure your land coordinator has your information
so space is held for you.  And look forward with Their Majesties to
the annual gathering of our family:  to the fun, to the challenge, to
the joining together of our heart and will.

Their Majesties Will It.  Join with all of our Ansteorran family and
it will be... (dare I say it)... AWESOME!


Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
Golden Staff Herald to
Owen and Genevria,
King and Queen of Ansteorra

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