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Greetings unto the list!  Please feel free to cross post this as needed....

Kingdom of Ansteorra’s   
61st Winter Crown Tournament
& Royal Youth Chivalric Combat Tournament

January 8 – 10, 2010
Held in the Southern Lands of the Barony of Raven’s Fort, (Conroe, Texas)
The Kingdom of Ansteorra invites one and all to the Winter Crown Tournament and Royal Youth Chivalric Combat Tournament.  In true Raven’s Fort fashion, this shall be a camping event at the NEW Southern Lands of The Barony of Raven’s Fort in Conroe, Texas.
Thirty long years ago the Kingdom of Ansteorra was elevated from a principality to the privileged status of Kingdom.   The victories of the past have led to an era of peace and renewal of the present and future.   In celebration of this grand time of triumph and tranquility, it has been decreed by Their Stellar Majesties, Owen and Genevria, King & Queen of Ansteorra that the time has come to choose Their Heirs by right of combat to the throne of Ansteorra and to lift a toast to the continued peace and prosperity of the Kingdom.
There will not be a Feast Saturday evening, so instead, a food vendor “The Broken Spit Tavern” will be on site Saturday morning to offer food and drink for coin.  Please bring your chairs, feast gear & coin.  Tables will be provided.  There will be a hat brunch and dinner.
Current Schedule looks something like this: 
Armor inspection will begin at 9 am.
The Tournament will start at 10 am.  At that time, there will a presentation of consorts to Their Royal majesties.  There will be no late entries once the presentation of consorts has begin (meaning you must be signed in by 10AM)

Immediately following the Tourney will be a Greater officer of state meeting.  Following that will be the Chivalry Circle. 
The Youth Chivalric Combat Tournament will be held between the Crown Tourney rounds.

After evening court, the Sweinbrothar band ‘Porkulus’ will play traditional SCA tunes, period music and medieval-rock for the evening’s entertainment.
If you have any questions, needs or concerns, please let me know:
Event Steward:  Lady Mirabelis Genevah Zabaneh / Kris Flitcroft
                             936.689.3277 – mirabelis_ at hotmail.com
Dress warm!!  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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