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To the Artisans and Craftsfolk of Ansteorra we bid you greetings!
At the last Artisan of the Steppes did we, the Steppes Free Association of Metalsmiths, make presentation to the Ansteorran Crown of 30 copper, brass, and enamel insignia medallions that we had worked on over the summer and each of us would be proud to wear ourselves.    This year, with the permission of their Excellencies Steppes, the Association will sponsor an insignia contest at Steppes Artisan in September with prizes awarded from our own personal stocks of supplies, materials and finished goods, such as raw or polished gemstone, metals, metal weavings or other items.   More to come on that later but the prizes will be well worth the effort to win them.  
Rules of the contest:
Categories will be 
a) for the most unusual or unique design or item; 
b) for the most insignia from a artisan or artisan group; 
c) for the single most elaborate/detailed design; and 
d) for the “best of show” entry as determined by the judges which may mean a large number of good but not outstanding pieces may outscore a single very outstanding piece.
All items must be signed by the artisan and should be something that said artisan would be proud to wear or own.
-Any medium is eligible although it should be noted that mass produced items are discouraged and may be disqualified for consideration by the judges depending on the execution.  Acceptable would be using mass produced discs as a base material and then applying designs by hand, one at a time.  Unacceptable would be using the same discs and applying designs using an inked rubber stamp.  Please contact us if you are unsure in this category. It might save you from a charge of witchcraft as well as some heartburn.   
-All submissions will be presented to the crown for use in future insignia at the crowns discretion.
-Most common insignia are acceptable for submission, particularly talons, comets, cranes, thistles, rising stars, etc. 
-This is considered to be a privately sponsored contest and will be judged as such by the sponsors. The sponsors do reserve the right to disqualify entries not made in the spirit of medieval craftsmanship.  Again- contact us if you are not sure.
Entries are due to HL Jaque the Spink on the morning of Steppes Artisan or before and will be on display during the day with the name of the person producing them and the production method (such as copper- acid etched, hammered, riveted, and polished)
So….Artisans of Ansteorra….Are you up for such a challenge?  Can you match or exceed our gift of last year?
The Steppes Free Association of Metalsmiths
HL Vincenzo Cellini
HL Jaque the Spink
HL Giuliana Firidolfi
Ld  Silvius the Fop
Ldy Symmone de Aix
    Donnchaid MacDohmnail
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