[Ansteorra-announce] Archers Tourney at Warlord

jack spinks jlspinks at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 15 20:02:24 PDT 2010

Beginner at archery?  recently picked it up?  or just not a great shot-- yet?   If so you probably are not real confident about entering an archery tourney in which other long experienced archers are shooting.  Well, we have the tourney for you.   Please come join us.  More than one winner or high placement in this tourney has gone on to win Royal Huntsman, Steppes Archer, and other tourneys. 
In the interest of improving the defense of our kingdom at long ranges, 
once again do I, HL Jaque the Spink, sponsor an Archers tourney at Warlord.  Prize, as always, will be a wood longbow of 30-45 lb draw. 
The rules are quite simple:
1)  Bows only.  Sorry- no crossbows in this one- mainly because most crossbowmen do not qualify on the other rules.
2)  Loaner gear may be available but is not guaranteed.  Either way it is completely acceptable- even if you borrow from your worst enemy although it must meet SCA rules of wooden arrows with feather fletching and bows must pass marshal's inspection. 
3)  You must never have one an archery tourney with bow or crossbow.
4)   Your official royal round score must not be above 45 or, if you do not have a posted score- you must in all honor be shooting at or below that level.   If your local marshal vouches for you to me then so much the better.  Anyone that is obviously shooting above that level will be disqualified from the contest by the marshal in charge and there is no appeal.  
Tourney format will be as it has always been:
    A standard royal round shall be shot and scored (and turned in) followed by one end of arrows of a topsy turvy scoring in which the gold counts for 1 and the white ring counts for 5.  Many scores have been greatly changed in this round.  
I hope to see you on the Saturday of Warlord on the archery field.
HL Jaque the Spink
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