[Ansteorra-announce] The generosity of Ansteorra

Mike Wyvill wyvillmike at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 09:34:31 PDT 2010

  My Brother and Sisters,

Saturday, at the Gates Edge Celtic Harvest Faire a silent auction was 
held to raise money to help me with my medical expenses for my son 
Brendan, whom many of you know as Patrick of Gates Edge. Brendan 
suffered a severe heat stroke in late June and has been hospitalized 
ever since. He has fought off kidney failure, liver damage and internal 
bleeding. Now he is working on the damage to his heart and the most 
serious, the damage to his thalamus. That's the choke point of your 
nervous system, where information passes on its way to and from your 
brain. He is working on regaining control over his limbs and speaking. 
He actually spoke to me yesterday, saying "Yeah" when I asked him if he 
was glad to see me.

I want to thank Ciarnat of Firethorne and Cynthia of Gates Edge for 
organizing the auction, everyone who helped them run it, the Barony of 
Stargate for putting forward the idea originally, all those who donated 
the over 100 items and services that were offered and finally all those 
who bid, whether they won or not. Our gate was less than 70 persons but 
$1,359 was raised due to the generosity and kindness of those in 
attendance. Thank you all, especially those who, when they didn't win, 
gave money anyway.

I am usually counted among the glib, but words fail me even now, just as 
they did Saturday evening.

Finally, I want to thank John, one of the children who made get well 
cards for him as part of children's activities. John, buddy, I know you 
meant to tell him to "Feel Better Soon", but he took one look at "Fell 
Beater Soon" and he laughed and laughed. He laughs now when I tell him 
to "Fell Beater". I know that might not have been what you wanted, but 
you would have been happy to watch his belly laughs and the tears 
running down his cheeks. You did good, buddy.

With Love and Gratitude

Engenulf de Vienville

MKA Mike Wyvill

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