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SCA Seeks Contributions for

Special Collection at UC Riverside

The SCA is pleased to announce that the University of
California Riverside Libraries will be opening a permanent Society for Creative
Anachronism Special Collection and Archive in 2011. The materials in this
collection will include a variety of publications and other media both by and
about the Society since the group’s inception. (If you are interested in
viewing UCR’s other collections, please visit their website at http://library.ucr.edu/?view=collections/spcol.) 

>From the Stock Clerk’s office, the SCA will be supplying
copies of The Compleat Anachronist,
available copies of Tournaments
Illuminated, officer handbooks, and other materials, but as this is but a
percentage of materials ever published, the SCA needs contributions from
individuals. Specifically, members are being asked to provide back issues of Tournaments Illuminated (please check
with Countess Leonora, below, for the issue numbers needed), arts and sciences
publications, kingdom histories, relevant theses, local and kingdom
newsletters, photographs, event publications, videos, newspaper clippings (must
include newspaper name, city and date), copies of kingdom law (past and
present), personal SCA diaries, music, books and any other publications that
chronicle the history and activities of the Society. Please note that this
collection is for media only and will
not include any artifacts (i.e. no costumes, armor or other physical items).

If you have publications or media you would like to
contribute, please contact the SCA Liaison to the UCR Libraries, Countess
Leonora Morgana (Stacie Tibbetts) at collections at sca.org or at 714-544-8490
before 8pm PST. (The University Libraries are unable to accept direct donations
on behalf of the Society, and sending them materials directly could result in
their loss.)

If you are contributing an item that has been privately
produced, you will need to include a gift donation form, which can be found at http://library.ucr.edu/?view=collections/spcol/donations.html.
(This isn’t necessary if you are donating your copy of a Society publication.)
All personal submissions will be juried to ensure that the materials are
representative of the Society and to avoid supplying them with duplicates.

Please be aware that the existing SCA archives will not, as
a whole, be part of this donation (although select materials, such as governing
documents, may be included). Master Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim (Charles
Alderson), the Society Archivist, will continue to gladly accept contributions
and be available for reference questions. He may be reached at archivist at sca.org.

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You may also email comments at lists.sca.org.

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