[Ansteorra-announce] Problem with mailing list delivery for some users

Emma de Fetherstan serveradmin at ansteorra.org
Tue Aug 30 06:04:44 PDT 2011


Sometime in the past several days, Something(tm) occurred which caused
sbcglobal.net, att.net, prodigy.net, and swbell.net email addresses to
be marked as 'bouncing' on several of our mailing lists. Those users
will not receive email from a mailing list as long as that mailing
list has them still marked as 'bounce'. I've cleared the bounce flags
on the ansteorra discussion list, and verified that there were no
bounce flags set on the ansteorra-announce2 mailing list (probably due
to low volume). Other medium-high volume mailing lists may have the
issue, however, and will need to be fixed on a list-by-list basis.

I'll be sending more information to the list owners on how to fix the
problem, but if you know are or know of someone who isn't getting mail
from a specific list, feel free to email me and let me know, and I'll
see what I can do.

In service,
-Emma de Fetherstan
serveradmin at ansteorra.org

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