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Mon Jan 17 16:06:03 PST 2011

Greetings Ansteorra,

While all insignia are cheerfully and gratefully accepted, the Kingdom is in particularly short supply of Talons, Comets and Stars of Merit.  Do remember that Talons and Comets face a certain way and that Stars of Merits have an Ansteorran, 10 pointed star at the bottom of the garter.

For more information, please see Mistress Stella's terrific article:

Insignia can be given to TRM, their entourage, Star signet or myself.  Please remember to place your insignia in its own bag if you are not giving it to me, with a card with your name and group inside so that we know who to thank.  

Also, if you give your insignia to someone other than myself, please drop me a line, so I know who to thank and can keep track of what insignia is still needed.  In the last week, insignia has been donated by Countess Margaret, Lord Haraldr and Lady Mirabelis.  

With thanks,
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