[Ansteorra-announce] Champions of Bonwicke

Baron of Bonwicke baron at bonwicke.ansteorra.org
Wed Jun 8 21:49:43 PDT 2011

  Ni Hao Ansteorra,
Good News! We now have a website up for Champions. It has updated information and a map. Hope this helps everyone to make out to Bonwicke this weekend. Please remember that we are not doing a feast due to the burn ban, but plenty of food place near by or easy to get to. Ask me and I shall recommend a good one for you.
 Armor inspection will begin around 9 or so. Schedule is tentative at this point but then are not all schedules like that?
 Please go to  http://www.bonwicke.org/champions if you have any further questions feel free to contact me at this address.
 I remain your humble servant,
 HE Chiang Chi-sh h

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