[Ansteorra-announce] Letters of Intent for Crown Tournament

King of Ansteorra king at crown.ansteorra.org
Mon Jun 20 06:28:05 PDT 2011

To any and all who would vie to be Our heirs,

  Know you now that Letters of Intent are a *requirement*. There are but two
short weeks until July 3rd and as of yet there will be a Tournament of 6
combatants. Letters may be a simple email or letter but they must contain at
minimum: The fighter's name who is entering Our List, The Consort's name,
acknowledgement that both meet the requirements to enter ( or a petition for
indulgence if one or both do not ), as well as a brief statement as to why
you wish to enter Our List.


Lochlan & Gwen
Rex et Regina Ansteorrae

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