[Ansteorra-announce] Are you all chicken?!?! ~Avery's Challenge~

Sean Hertzberg colsith at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 10:48:18 PST 2011

Greetings to all!

Sooo...on Valentines Day, I announced that I would be taking an Oath of
Silence for Gulf War (the original post is below).  Those that know me,
understand that this is...less than likely to succeed.  I am not a quiet
person.  But it is not just for me that I am doing this....Don Robert is
taking bets.  He has squares available to purchace to guess when I will
finally lose it and start ranting.  So far, a good number of people have
placed their bets...but there are STILL OPEN SQUARES!  What, you people
afraid I might actually pull it off?  Do you actually think in your heart
of hearts that Avery, he who is louder than all of the rest of you, will
actually make it the whole week without making noises  Are you SCARED?!?!

The money raised by this will go to help the Kingdom.  If I fail, half of it
goes to the winning square holder and half to the Kingdom of Ansteorra.  If
I make it all the way...all the money goes to Ansteorra.

Since I posted this challenge, a lot of folks have had fun making fun of me,
saying no way would I make it.  So back it up.  Contact Don Robert at
dbw000 at yahoo.com to buy your square or see him at the War starting on Sunday

I will further say that I will add one more item to the winner if I do not
make it.  I will be your Personal Herald for the day at an event we agree
on.  If the winner is from another Kingdom, we will figure it out.  I
guarantee you will not be disappointed if I am your Herald...I promise to be
entertaining ,if nothing else.  ~grin~

So...who is brave enough to put there money where their mouth is?

Step right up, folks....puts your money down!
Avery the Quiet

P.S. Again, please forward this to all appropriate lists.


With the help of Don Robert and with the blessing of Their Royal
Majesties....I am accepting a challenge. I will be the Royal Herald for Gulf
War. As such, other than certain exceptions which will be made
clear....unless I am being the Vo...ice of the Crown...

I will not be talking for the entire war.

Yes. You read that correctly. AVERY will not be talking. For a week.

I will be allowed to talk when doing official business as the Royal Herald.
I will be allowed to order food in the food court. I will be allowed to talk
on the field while fighting or for safety issues (I can yell "Hold" if
needed). I will be allowed to talk while in my personal pavillion. IIRC,
that is it.

I will be on site Sunday afternoon. Sean is allowed to talk. Once camp is
set up and I am in SCA clothes, Avery is not. This continues until tear down
of camp Saturday afternoon...once in mundanes, Sean can talk.

Don Robert will be selling squares. Approximately 140 or so of them. What
hour will I lose it and talk? If you buy a square for up til Wednesday, $5
each. For Thursday on, $10 each. If I lose it, the pot is split 50-50 with
half going to the winning person and half to the Kingdom. If I make it all
the way, all the money goes to the Kingdom.

So...step right up folks....

Avery the Silent

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