[Ansteorra-announce] Ansteorrans at Gulf Wars XX

King of Ansteorra king at crown.ansteorra.org
Thu Mar 10 15:22:56 PST 2011

Unto the peoples of the Mightiest Kingdom in all the world, Greetings from
Ulsted, King!

Please, travel safely to the distant lands of Gleann Abhann - the roads can
be hazardous, and there may be Trimarian brigands upon the path!

It has long been a tradition that those from Ansteorra who take the combat
field receive some small token from the Crown as thanks.  However, We charge
each of you who make it to Gulf Wars to seek out either Myself of Her
Majesty Ebergardis.  We have a token for each and every one of you, fighter
or no, for We know all too well that the fighters only get to the field with
the support of many.  So - if you enter or simply observe the Arts and
Sciences, if you shoot archery or throw live steel, if you ride horses, or
take a class, if you help secure that elusive "shopping war point", if you
entertain, if you party in the Ansteorran tradition, if you simply enjoy the
company in your camp, especially for those who offer hours of selfless
service, FOR ALL OF YOU, WE HAVE A TOKEN!  We will have them at Chili on
Wednesday, at court on Thursday, and with us throughout the war.

But to claim your token, you must make it safely to Gulf Wars XX - so be
especially careful!

With love and pride,
Ulsted and Ebergardis
King and Queen of Ansteorra!
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