[Ansteorra-announce] Bonwicke's Artisan and XXX Celebration

HE Chiang Chi-sh h chiang at clearwire.net
Tue Feb 14 20:58:51 PST 2012

    Greetings Ansteorra,
In a few short days, 10, Bonwicke will be celebrating its 30th year as a branch and 20 as a Barony. We will also be invested with a New Baron and Baroness. We of Bonwicke invite you to come help us celebrate these monumental events. Bonwicke has a castle, for us to hold such a grand celebration, see it at castleeventcenter dot com. It is awesome. The event flier can be found at: http://bonwicke.ansteorra.org/artisan/artisan.pdf
 I have managed to drag, kicking and screaming, out of retirement, Master Rosario inCarboni, and his faithful side kick, HL Sigrun  to handle the feast. He plans to do a Mongolian style stir fry, providing we can round up enough Mongols to stir fry or something like that, sometimes it gets a little confusing. 
  We will be hosting our A&S competition, more on that later, Our current Champion is handling that. Also the new Bard will be chosen, The new Baron and Baroness will be deciding on that one.
 Weather and such permitting we will be having some tourneys too. I will be hosting a novice tourney also, weather and enough novice fighters permitting. 
 We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Until then I am and remain,
 Your humble servant,
  HE Chiang Chi-sh h
  Baron of Bonwicke
  harried Autocrat
  and Noted Gung Fu hero

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