[Ansteorra-announce] Bordermarch Autumn Melees Nov. 15-18

John of Severn johnsevern at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 22 11:19:04 PDT 2012

     The autumn winds have started to blow and the heat 
has begun to subside, with this change of  season comes the Bordermarch 
Autumn Melees! This year the Centurions of Ansteorra and the Bannermen 
of Gleann Ahbann have put together the fighting scenarios at BAM. They 
have taken great pains to make sure that everyone will have great fun 
and provide balanced fights! 

So come all brothers in arms, 
marshals, water bearers, and join us for a truly epic time at 
Ansteorran's eastern most border!  BAM year promises a great deal of 
fighting for all in tourneys and in melees! If you did not get enough 
fighting you were not in armor!  See below for website and schedule. 

 would like to give special thanks to the Centurions and Bannermen for 
coming up with the fighting scenarios and providing enjoyment for all!

Sir John of Severn



10:00 a.m.
Armour inspection opens. Inspection will run all day.

11:00 Back alley beat and greet
 min bear pit open weapons. Combatants will fight in a 10ft wide 25ft 
long alley, if they retreat or are maneuvered to the ends of the alley 
the next combatant in line MAY attack.

12:00 First Annual Melees champion
Best two out of three, single elimination open weapon style

1:30 Shield Brother Tourney
Round Robin
 man teams, one person armed with shield and dagger the other with a 
single sword. If the the teams is made of fighters from different 
kingdoms the shieldman may use a sword.

2:30 6 foot spear bear pit
30 min 12 x 12 bear pit with 6 foot spears

 will place all swords in a pile one is removed, at lay on fighters rush
 for a weapon and get to a killin. Wounds are retained from all fights 
in that round. No teaming up. No florentine. Last man standing wins. Ran
 until fighters wanna quit or till someone is victorious 3 times.

Sometime after sunset Beer and Bocce.
 a friend and come challenge their majesties and some of the worlds best
 mediocre players in BAMS first open invitational bocce tournament. Free
 beer while you play and while supplies last.


Marshals meeting at 9:00am

Inspections open 9:00am Inspections will run all day

Will start when 10 fighters arrive
-When killed join other side
-Fighters may join as they wish on either side. One side will be Rey and the other will be JP
-goes until court starts

After court (hopefully by 11:00)
Open Field

After Open Field

Centurion/Banner Man Bridge after
(Champions will sit out for lunch)

Lunch with 12 man tower to tower champions 
-2 man teams consisting of 3 archers, 3 knights, 3 grant and 3 men at arms
-archers start on the outside of castle in marked areas
- the rest of the team starts at the base of the stairs 
- upon "lay on" both teams race to the platform.
-archers may not fire until one team hits the platform
-archers may shoot fighters or bells
-bells stikes are resurections for combatants on the platform

4:00pm Castle
-Unlimited res for attacker
-winner by who holds it longer
-There will be several bolts to undo while under attack. Once bolts are undone attacker can open side door at will
 will not be allowed to put fighters in a defensive postion until the 
door is open. This represents sappers blowing a hole in the wall.

5:30pm Sir James the Holy's Unholy Chopper Tourney
15 x 15 foot 45 min bear pit fought with 4ft choppas. Choppas are provided. GOOD hand protection is suggested.

** "Sir James the Holy's Unholy Chopper Tourney" is a registered trademark of Choppa, Smash, Kill, limited LLC   :D

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