Pug pug at
Tue Aug 8 14:48:07 PDT 1995

Good Morning,

  Just a couple more notes.

  Further changes immediately before I left caused a number of problems.
  Some of you may or may not have noticed these problems. If you tried
  to subscribe or unsubscribe, it may have failed and you may need to do
  it again. Unfortunately I didn't keep the list or I would do it. The
  digest may have failed a few times due to the same problems. (These
  problems were due to system changes at eden that have improved
  performance, but they forget to check the little things.)

  More stuff later.


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Barony of Bryn Gwlad  |  graceful about that lady. A young woman bursting with 
House Flaming Dog     |  vigor. She blinked at the sudden light. She writes
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