1995 Texas Renaissance Festival

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Saturdays and Sundays (Rain or Shine)
September 30 - November 12 (7 Weekends)
9:00 am 'til Dusk

New and exciting things are happening in the SCA Compound this year during 
the Texas Renaissance Festival. SCA's participation at the Festival is under 
totally new management and is currently being reorganized.  Starting this 
year, a committee has been formed with representatives from the branches 
that would like to participate at TRF.  This committee will be responsible 
for the policies, coordination of our activities, fund raisers, appointment 
of an autocrat for each weekend and keeping their respective branches 
informed of current information pertaining to the Festival.

We have a new focus on our participation at the Festival.  We will NOT be 
doing the gaming concessions this year. Rather we will be involved in doing 
demos like we do for educational purposes year round, as well as activities 
we do at all SCA events.  

*	FUN!
*	Educate the public on our organization
*	Recruit new members
*	Raise funds for our branches

*	Committee made up of representatives of each interested branch as stated 
*	We will have an "Autocrat" for each weekend during TRF.  These Autocrats 
will be from the         different participating branches and will be 
responsible for coordinating the activities         that the SCA 
participants will 	be involved with in the compound and around the Festival  
*	SCA Membership is NOT required, this year.  
*	Sign-up for participation at TRF and FREE admission will be done on a 
local branch level.
	You must sign-up for the particular weekends that you would like to 
participate in at            least two weeks in advance.
*	Two hours of participation will be required to receive the FREE admission.
*	Participation will cover a vast area of SCA interests.  Some of the areas 
you can         volunteer for are (the following list is just a sample of 
items--It will be adjusted as          needed):
	Fighting (Heavy/Light), Marshaling, Demos**, Waterbearing, Heraldry, 
Information Booth
	**The Demos can include basket weaving, crossbow construction, dancing 
(with live         musicians only), enameling, garb fashion shows, leather 
works, needleworks,         scribing/charter painting, weaving/spinning, 
woodworking, etc.  (If you have an idea not         on this list, please let 
us know what you would like to do in the compound area for the         
entertainment of the patrons.  This is our opportunity to educate and 
interact with         people on a personal level and to explain and 
demonstrate what we do at our events,         guilds, and meetings.)
*	We will be having tournaments and A&S competitions with PRIZES for the 
*	A feast will be served Saturday evening for a small fee.
*	We have started on a major "face-lift" of the SCA compound. 
*	Each branch or individual can make and donate their own device to be used 
in decorating         the compound. 
*	Scheduled work weekends--everyone is invited to join us to help with the 
decorating and         fixing up of the SCA compound.  Wear old clothes--we 
will be painting.  Bring hand tools         (hammers, saws, cordless drills, 
etc.)  Don't forget food and beverages.  Work should         begin at 9:00 
a.m.  The toilets and showers will be open for our use and you may spend     
    Saturday night in the compound if you wish to work Saturday and Sunday.  
Scheduled dates:	        August 12 & 13, August 19 & 20, and September 17.

If you have ideas, concerns, questions, or would like to volunteer your 
branch for either an autocrat or special weekend during the Festival, please 
contact us.      

SCA/TRF Liaisons:
Deborah von Falkenhorst
Debbie E. Mostert
2807 Cane Field
Sugar Land, TX   77479

Stefan von Drachenfels
Steven L. Holt
5322 Randon Road
Houston, Texas 77091-5014
e-mail:  maxisdgn at netropolis.net
fax:  713.688.4258

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